Wanted in Rome’s fall experiences

Saturday 22 September  – The New Face of Rome: tours of the Giant Murals

During the ride we will visit in off beaten places, from the old town to periphery, which connect the giant murals which are the leading thread of this thematic itinerary. The circular ride starts from the center of Rome and winds for 15 kilometers through Testaccio, Ostiense, Garbatella and Tormarancia neighborhoods. You will discover around 30 giant murals painted on the facades of buildings, reviving areas decisively outside the usual tourist itineraries.

NB Bike not included, the tour will start in front of a bike rental if needed

Guide: Nicola Franceschi 


Saturday 6 October  – Ostia Antica

The first port of Ancient Rome, the connection between the Capital and its Empire is still perfectly preserved. The ruins of the public and private buildings permit us to discover the daily life of an ancient roman. We can still admire beautiful mosaics, precious marbles and rare paintings in the public baths, in the forum and domus of the wealthy merchants once living there. Exploring the ruins of Acient Ostia is like to do a time travel, a jump into the past.

Guide: Ilaria Sferrazza

Friday 19 October  – Vatican Museums night

During the summer season Art lovers are offered the unique opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums at night. The museum opens his doors after sunset till 11 pm. We will visit all the masterpieces of the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel and the Pope Apartments, avoiding big crowds. Join us for this wonderful late summer evening full of history, art and beauty. Guided tour by Christiaan Santini.

Guide: Christiaan Santini

Saturday 27 October  – Art of Illusion, The perspectives of Andrea del Pozzo

Works of art can have the power to make us see a new reality. One of the greatest painters of the Baroque age, Andrea del Pozzo, became a master at creating the illusion of a different reality, through his famous trompe-l’oeil frescoes. His most famous work is the fake cupola inside the church of St Ignazio, but the corridor he painted in St Ignazio’s rooms, next to the nearby church del Gesù, leaves a more powerful impression. On an ordinary vault, he created an architectural construction of pillars, straight angles and relief curves, using his amazing technique of anamorphic painting. A fascinating world of illusion.

Sunday 3 November  – Castel Sant’Angelo

Lungotevere Castello. Meeting point at the bridge “Ponte Sant’Angelo”, side of the Castle, at 3PM.

1.5 hour visit.

Castel Sant’Angelo was a mausoleum, a fortress, a prison, all in one. Outstanding in its peculiar architecture, when the ascension has started, we cannot stop. It is a walking up to the highest terrace with its breath-taking roof top view of the city, getting in frescoed apartments, narrow staircases, a Roman spiral ramp, and passing by the current exhibition of Renaissance armours and weapons.

NB Museum tickets not included

Sunday 25 November – Palazzo Colonna

Inside the wall of the Colonna Palace, still owned by the Roman noble family since Middle Ages, it is preserved one of the most astonishing architecture of the city. In the heart of Rome, just behind piazza Venezia, we have a gallery that can compete with the one of a royal residence: that was the purpose of the Colonna Princes that for three generations put all their efforts in it. The gallery is the coffer for invaluable paintings and amazing furniture and decorations that let you breathe the pomp of the past.

NB Museum tickets not included

Saturday 1 December  – Urban Trekking in Testaccio and Ostiense, a tour between history and street art

In two hours tour you will have the chance to discover aspects of the city that otherwise you would probably not get to know, exploring areas with an ancient history that were shaped by continuous transformations up to recent times, also being reinvented as alternative centres of the Roman night life. During the walk it will be possible to guess important people drawn in a mural; walk on the most ancient artificial hill of history; chat with some university students; eat the best Roman sandwich in town; discover why cypress trees are planted in cemeteries, admire the best-preserved pyramid of Rome; enter in an occupied building. You will not forget this experience!

 Sunday 16 December  – MAXXI, National Museum of Art of the Twenty-First Century 

In this innovative architecture by the Anglo-Iraqui “starchitect” Zaha Hadid, the international scene of Contemporary Art put its corner stone in Rome, at the dawn of the new millennium. After a brief glance at the Permanent Collection – recently incrased – we immerse ourselves in the temporary exhibitions. As there are more than 10, trust my choices and have a look at the others after our visit together – it is all included in just 1 ticket!

NB Museum tickets not included

Guide: Lavinia Collodel