The popular tourist hotspots where you could be fined or JAILED for wearing a bikini… and some of them may surprise …

A TOURIST in the Philippines this week was scolded by cops for riding a motorcycle along a street in the Philippines wearing just a bikini.

But the South-East Asian nation is just one of dozens of countries where wearing a bikini away from a beach could land you a fine, or even jail time.

This is just a handful of popular tourist destinations where wearing a bikini away from the beach can get you in a lot of trouble Instagram model Kinsey Golden was recently asked to cover up while travelling in the Philippines

Many would be surprised to discover that Barcelona and Majorca – two destinations hugely popular with Brits – have laws in place to clamp down on bikinis in public.

In Barcelona in 2011 city lawmakers prohibited bikinis being worn beyond the beach in an attempt to clean up its image.

Holidaymakers found to be in breach of the rule could face a fine of up to £260.

A similar law also exists in Majorca, where in 2014 Palma City Council announced it would be issuing fines of up to £500 for those found flouting it.

Tourists in Barcelona, pictured, face fines if they venture beyond the beach in swimwear

Travel blogger Vicky Philpott, from Flip Flop Travels, said: “This isn’t just a case of you feeling free and relaxed on your holidays, you can actually land yourself in a lot of trouble if you don’t obey the local laws.

“Some places may surprise you – public nudity is illegal in Fiji for example, and that includes swimming topless.

“In India, it’s fine to try and turn your white bits brown on some of the beaches in Goa, while further up the coast, it most definitely isn’t.

“There’s no one rule fits all.”

Instagram model Kinsey Golden, who was recently scolded by cops in the Philippines The same rule applies in Majorca, a popular destination for Brit holidaymakers

For example, while Croatia continues to grow in popularity with Brit tourists, many wouldn’t be aware that officials on the island of Hvar can fine you £120 for walking around the town in swimwear.

In the Maldives – a majority Muslim country comprised of dozens of idyllic tropical islands – you are only allowed to wear a bikini on tourist beaches or resorts.

Those found in breach of this could face jail, or being turned away from any bars or restaurants they may try to enter.

There are also strict rules for those in Dubai. While wearing a bikini at the beach is common, in 2010 a woman was arrested for wearing one in a shopping mall.

In 2010, a British woman was arrested in Dubai for wearing a bikini at a shopping mall

And despite Turkey being famed for its stunning sea resorts, tourists who wear their bikini in areas away from beaches also face arrest.

Like Dubai, the country is Muslim and therefore has much stricter indecency laws than most Western countries.

Vicky added: “Follow what others are doing and be aware of what the norm is around you, don’t just expect it to be the same as at home.

“If in doubt, check out the local government website, or just ask the lifeguards at the beach. Don’t just assume.

“Know where you’re actually going to cause offence, and where you might just raise a few eyebrows. Respect the local culture and only strip off when it’s appropriate.”

The stunning Maldives, pictured, are predominantly Muslim and therefore strict indecency rules apply beyond its tourist resorts

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