Nigeria: Group Unveils Nigeria’s Art/Cultural Mission to Russia 2018

The Nigerian Arts Group has unveiled its arts/cultural mission to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. Officials of the group at the weekend disclosed that the cultural mission was strategically designed to showcase Nigerian arts and culture at the 2018 FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15 in Russia, adding that the mission would comprise an exhibition of Nigeria’s rich arts and cultural heritage, as well as strategic interactions and networking sessions with global players (especially in the areas of entertainment, culture and tourism).

According to the President of the Group, Dr. Patrick Okpah, the group will also visit cultural and tourism sites across Russia.

The art exhibition will include Nigerian Undergraduates’ Exhibition of Arts (NUXART), the Nigerian Secondary Schools Arts Exhibition (NISSART) as its fulcrum, with the addition of works of some other seasoned artists and a few artworks from selected secondary schools in Nigeria.

He disclosed that NUXART exhibition had been held in USA, London, Ghana and Nigeria over the last 15 years, explaining that it was designed to showcase the creative talents of Nigerian undergraduate students (in universities, polytechnics and Colleges of Education across Nigeria) and some mentor-artists.

“The initiative has remained a very potent tool for empowering and exposing Nigerian arts and artists, and instilling entrepreneurial skills in them,” Dr. Okpah said.