Last Week in Mets Land: Farewell to Harvey, deGrom dodges a bullet, and more

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Last week in Mets Land was not a good one. I was at three games this past week and the Mets lost all of them. In fact, the Mets didn’t win a game their entire homestand. Six straight losses.

I know, none of you want to recap this past week I don’t blame you. It was a horrible. But there was a move that does need to be brought up again, and that is Matt Harvey. Harvey refused a minor league assignment (to no one’s surprise) and was DFA’d by the Mets. I already spoke about this more in depth, but it was a move that had to be made. And it was sad that it had to come to this. The irony of all of this, though? Hansel Robles was called up to replace Harvey in the bullpen. Yes, a sentence you likely never thought you’d hear (and likely never wanted to hear).

Speaking of Robles, he came back with a bang (and a point) by giving up a home run to Ian Desmond on Sunday in his first appearance back. The Mets went on to lose this game, but the biggest shockers of the game were that Noah Syndergaard walked in a run and Robles then somehow had a scoreless ninth inning despite giving up the above mentioned homer in the eighth.

On top of everything, Yoenis Cespedes gave everyone a scare twice this week. First, he injured his finger in last Sunday’s game while sliding into third base in an attempt to steal. Luckily everything came back negative and Cespedes was in the lineup for Monday’s game. Injured finger what? He homered. And then threw a missile in the seventh inning to get Kurt Suzuki out at the plate. All looked well in the land of Cespedes.

But then this Sunday’s game happened, and after scoring on a sac-fly, Cespedes was taken out of the game. First we were told that it was due to stiffness in his right hip. However, Cespedes said after the game that it was his right quad. Yes, that dreaded quad

As if that wasn’t enough, Jacob deGrom was taken out of Wednesday night’s game in the fourth inning. Luckily, his MRI came back negative, reassuring Mets fans everywhere that God in fact does not fully hate the Mets (just sometimes). DeGrom was supposed to start on Monday, but the Mets opted for caution, announcing first thing Sunday morning that they are moving deGrom to the 10-day DL and having him start this coming Sunday. P.J. Conlon will be starting in deGrom’s place on Monday night.

I am okay with this move of bumping deGrom’s start.  There have been issues in the past with players coming back before they’re fully ready and just re-injuring themselves. Let deGrom rest, let’s make sure he’s 100 percent ready, and then let’s get our ace back out there.

Meanwhille, I haven’t even started to rant about how the Mets offense seems to be lost. Michael Conforto seems to have forgotten how to hit. The Mets were shut out Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In Friday and Sunday’s games, they had opportunities to come back, and they just couldn’t capitalize. We know they can do it, though, as these were the types of games that they were coming back from in April.

What has happened to the Mets from the start of this season, where did they go, and how can we get them back?

Anyway, in more fun Mets happenings

Keith Hernandez was all of us when we found out that deGrom’s MRI came back negative


– keith Hernandez (@keithhernandez) May 3, 2018

Todd Frazier was all of us when complaining about the umpires

Todd Frazier is NOT HAPPY with the umpires: “There’s no accountability”

– SportsNet New York (@SNYtv) May 3, 2018

Asdrubal Cabrera, uh, did this during Sunday’s game

Asdrubal Cabrera’s very earitating.

– Cut4 (@Cut4) May 6, 2018

Ron Darling took some time while down in Miami for the Marlins series to advocate for the severity of Huntington’s Disease, as May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness month. I strongly urge you to take a minute and watch this mini PSA done for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA), the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by HD.

In addition to doing good, Darling is having fun as well — he had a better Saturday night than all of us

Tough loss for the Mets last night but a good night to be with your honey at the TUNNEL watching Snoop Dogg. #OffToday #GaryKeithRon @snoopdogg

A post d by Gary, Keith and Ron (@garykeithron) on May 6, 2018 at 9:35am PDT

Todd Frazier RT’d a fan who had a lot of thoughts about how the Mets have been playing lately.

Jerry Blevins did not wear his socks on Jerry Blevins sock day, however he did have well wishes for everyone

Happy Sock Day! #LGM

– Jerry Blevins (@jerryblevins) May 6, 2018

And Fraizer, Seth Lugo, and AJ Ramos facetimed Robert Gsellman while he was in the bathroom.

Frazier, Lugo, Ramos, and @ScottRogowsky facetimed Robert Gsellman.

He was in the bathroom.

– Good Fundies is short for Good Fundamentals (@goodfundies) May 5, 2018