Jokowi hails Bali for presenting positive image of Indonesia to the …

Jokowi said during a limited evaluation meeting on national strategic projects and priority programmes in Bali on Wednesday that the famous resort island was unique in that its economy was not based on natural resources, but rather on tourism and the creative industry, which relied on creativity and culture.

“With culture and creativity, Bali province has presented a positive image of Indonesia to the entire world, which is why foreign tourists know more about Bali than Indonesia,” Jokowi said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya called Bali the tourism icon of Indonesia, just like Thailand is the tourism icon of Southeast Asia.

“It’s true what President Jokowi said, Bali is not affected by natural resource commodities such as oil and gas, coal and CPO [Crude Palm Oil]; Bali’s economy is purely driven by tourism and the creative economy,” Arief said.