Zeman: Demonstrators against Babiš actually protesting free elections

President Miloš Zeman says people who have recently been demonstrating
against Prime Minister Andrej Babiš are in fact protesting against free
elections. Speaking at the start of a visit to the Vysočina Region, he said this was in contrast to those who in 1989 demonstrated for free


Mr. Zeman said he did not expect the Babiš government to end until its
term concludes in two and a half years’ time. The prime minister’s
critics will have to wait until the next elections for change, he said.

Over 250,000 people took part in a protest calling for Mr. Babiš to resign
in Prague on Sunday. They say his appointment of a new justice minister soon after police recommended the PM face criminal charges of subsidy fraud

creates fears that he could try to interfere in the case.