What adaptor do I need for Europe, America and Dubai

ONE of the most confusing parts of a holiday is knowing what plug adaptor to take for all of your gadgets and electronics.

We’ve explained the adaptors you will need when going on holiday to Europe, the US and the UAE.

From the US to Dubai – these are the different plug adaptors you will need on holidayCredit: Getty – Contributor

While you can now buy universal travel adaptors which can be used in most countries, it is still important to know the difference.

It is also worth knowing the voltage, as some plugs can handle different amounts.

For example, US appliances run on 110 volts while European appliances run on 220 volts – meaning you could blow a fuse if you use the wrong voltage plug.

Only dual voltage items, such as laptops, can handle being in both countries without problems.

We explain which plugs you might need and how they work when travelling abroad.

Europe plugs are two pronged with round pins, although there are two slightly different varietiesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Brits heading on holiday to Europe will need travel adaptor type C, which uses 220 volts.

This plug has two round pins, although some countries have other plug types.

France, Spain and Bulgaria also use travel adaptor type F – similar to type C with two prongs but is round and has two grounding clips on each side.

Plug types E, J, K and N can also fit type C travel adaptors.

The US plug (left) the UK plug (middle) and the Europe plug (right)Credit: Getty Images – Getty

The US uses type A and type B travel adaptors throughout the different states.

Type A plugs have two flat pins, and can also be used in Canada and Mexico.

Type B plugs are similar, but they have a third rounded pin at the bottom.

However, Type B plugs are grounded – which can prevent electric shocks if the plug is broken.

The plug is the same for the UK and for Dubai so you won’t need an adaptor during a holiday to the UAE.Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Good news for Brits heading to Dubai, as the country uses the same travel adaptors as the UK – type G.

The three pronged plug is used throughout Dubai and other places in the UAE.

This means no travel adaptor is needed as your regular plugs will fit into the walls.

Other countries in the world to use type G include Cambodia, Gibraltar, Malta and the Maldives.

We’ve rounded up the best universal travel adaptors you can take on your next holiday.

One woman was praised after she revealed she took an extension lead on holiday instead of lots of plug adaptors.

Brits previously argued that the UK plug was better than the US plug as they can carry double the volts.