TravelPulse on Scene: Serenity At Coconut Bay Saint Lucia

Inaugurated two years ago, the new Serenity couples-only section of Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa, located on Anse des Sables Beach in St. Lucia, is the pinnacle of luxury. TravelPulse Quebec visited the resort last week where guests enjjoy enjoy luxury vacations in an opulent, comfortable and cozy environment without the need to lift a finger.

Whether it’s the Butler Plunge Suite, the Butler Premium Plunge Suite or the Butler Grand Plunge Suite, all hotel guests are treated to the ultra-attentive service of a team of butlers available 24 hours to satisfy any customer desire.

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“What makes this hotel unique is the level of service and privacy that is offered,” said Arhsan Descartes, one of the property’s butlers. People staying here do not have to leave their suite or do anything. If they came here to enjoy a relaxing vacation, this is the perfect place for that. They have all the comforts of their suite, which includes a king size bed, an outdoor terrace, a plunge pool, a hammock as well as an outdoor bar, in addition to the butler services that are available at all times to deliver anything they feel is missing from them. “

Serenity at Coconut Bay

Distinctive features of the couples only section of the hotel include, 36 suites, all ultra deluxe, but with some differences in layout. Further, a service box is installed at the entrance of the rooms to allow butlers to deliver food to the customers, without being seen.

It is the ideal place for people who want peace and privacy, because that’s what the property offers: privacy and isolation in an ultra luxury setting. A bell is installed at the entrance of each suite, warning the guests of the arrival of the butler, so the guest does not have to be alarmed to attend to his door directly if he does not want.

Serenity at Coconut Bay

Nine restaurants are available to guests, offering varied high-end gourmet menus inspired by Italian, Asian, Creole and International cuisine. Serenity‘s main restaurant, Greathouse at Serenity, is where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner (only dinner require reservations). Serenity guests also have access to the amenities and restaurants at Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa, a 4.5-star hotel that offers spectacular ocean views from the Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve. This hotel also offers guests a two-in-one concept, with a section for couples and one for families.

Located just five minutes from Hewanorra International Airport, Serenity at Coconut Bay also offers massage therapy services in the suites (indoors or out), as well as wedding packages at destination. “This year, we introduced a new exclusive package for Serenity customers, the Sapphire Wedding Package, which allows customers to marry on a catamaran with the pitons in the background,” said Natalia Greene, Director of Marketing for the Sapphire Wedding Package. Coconut Bay Hotel, Saint Lucia is a wonderful destination for weddings, not only because of its beautiful fauna and flora, but also because it does not require any restrictions on your stay, unlike other islands where you have to stay a few days to be able to get married. “

#####IMG000000001#####Serenity at Coconut Bay

Another good reason to stay at Serenity at Coconut Bay is the freshness and quality of the food served on site. No food is frozen; all dishes served, such as fish and meat, follow the farm or sea to table concept. The vegetables served in the meals are grown on site in the greenhouse, which customers can also visit. All decor elements have been carefully designed and handcrafted by the staff to provide a genuine local experience to guests. Even the palms were selected one by one by the owner who decided on their location to create the perfect holiday decor.

Saint Lucia, a Destination That Deserves To Be Known

Saint Lucia is a destination that deserves to be known to Canadians, according to Greene. “It is an island very distinct from our other neighboring islands of the Caribbean, for the fact that it has a very diversified typography. We have the national emblem, the pitons, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also have black sand, white sand and brown sand beaches. We have waterfalls, tropical forests; it’s a very exotic island that has so much more to offer than just beaches. “

“Canadians tend to think that all the Caribbean islands are similar, but that’s not true. Some Caribbean islands have very flat terrain, and there is nothing to do but go to the beach, which is wonderful, but that’s all there is to it. Because our island has a very varied typography, we have tropical forests, waterfalls, a volcano, mud baths, so it’s very exotic and there is so much more to see than just the beach. Plus the fact that our island is volcanic, we also have a spectacular underwater landscape for scuba diving and snorkelling. “

#####IMG000000001#####Saint Lucia

St. Lucia may not be the Caribbean‘s most affordable destination, but for those looking to go beyond the beaches and experience quality, it has a lot to offer. “It depends on what the customer wants to do and see. For luxury customers who want a higher level of service and increased attention to privacy, the Serenity is the perfect place, “says Greene.

Getting to Saint Lucia

Whereas previously, Air Canada offered direct flights from Montreal to Hewanorra International Airport, the carrier has recently abandoned this service, a route that Greene hopes to see back shortly. “To do that, we need to create more demand for the island and make people more aware that St. Lucia is on the map when it comes to thinking about a vacation in the Caribbean.”

Meanwhile, Canadians can enjoy direct flights from Air Canada and WestJet from Toronto during the winter: every day with Air Canada and twice a week with WestJet. Sunwing offers direct flights from Montreal to St. Lucia from December 14 to March 21, every Saturday.

The Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa Hotel is sold in Canada by Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing, WestJet Vacations and TravelBrands Travel.