Tourists on Kenya safari capture exciting photos of cheetah bringing down a gazelle

Every day in wild Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing it must outrun the fastest cheetah or it will be killed.

Similarly, the cheetah wakes up knowing it has to run faster than any gazelle or else it will starve. Yet still, it has to be very calculative in hunting down its prey or else the hunted will outwit it.

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Led by their drivers, the tourists were able to stand at strategic positions and captured the most spectacular and unique moments of a cheetah taking down a gazelle . Photo: Facebook/ Jeffrey Wu
Source: Facebook

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This was the situation in a series of photos captured on Friday, February 22, by a Canadian professional wildlife and nature photographer, Jeffrey Wu and his friends and which were d on Facebook.

The gazelle was very determined to save its life and the big cat was also determined to bring it down no matter how high it went. Photo: Xiaohong Zhang
Source: Facebook

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Nothing could disrupt the hungry cheetah from achieving its goals however much the higher goal post kept changing. Photo: Xiaohong Zhang
Source: Facebook

Wu credited the drivers for their understanding of the habitat and helping them position themselves for the spectacular shoot and also guiding them on the right angle to take the photos in respect to the line of attack by the cheetah.

The cheetah named Imani was captured dramatically hunting down an impala at Kenya’s iconic Maasai Mara national park using all the skills handed down from ancestors and genetics.

The photos showed the lethal wild cat making a jump, its agile body stretched to the limits as it fights to have its meal.

Trust you me, this is one of the best somersault ever captured in the history of wildlife photography, the best of its own kind. Photo: Jeffrey Wu
Source: Facebook

The gazelle on the other hand also fights to outrun its predator with all the dexterity it can manage but fails to see another day as its pinned down by Imani.

“And a big thank you to all the drivers who I have worked within the past five years in Maasai Maraa who drove me or helped me and my group to capture all these great images,” said Wu.

Whereas the tourists executed their skills in photography, the cheetah was also busy showing off its skills and experience in hunting. Photo: Yi Liu
Source: Facebook

“The successful session is a reflection of how these Masai driver’s diligent work and dedication helped clients to achieve what they come here for,” he added.

At one point the gazelle was almost winning but as old adage goes, nothing is impossible with determination. Photo: Yi Liu
Source: Facebook

By the time the gazelle was stepping on the ground, the pain on the back leg was too much to allow it move any further. Photo: Yi Liu
Source: Facebook

At one point, the gazelle was almost winning but as old adage goes, nothing is impossible with determination, the cheetah brought out its A-game and won.

But just like a human being under similar situation, the gazelle could not give up so easily despite the pain. Photo: Yi Liu
Source: Facebook

The poor gazelle kept fighting but it had grown so weak and no much could be done. The moments of giving up had come. Photo: Ming Bai
Source: Facebook

“Once a while, you encounter a crazy nature scene that just beyond the wildest imagination,” said the professional photographer.

Wu describes himself as a professional wildlife and nature photographer accredited by Professional Photographers of Canada.

Finally, the poor gazelle was taken down, the cheetah won the fight. Photo: Ming Bai
Source: Facebook

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