Tim Curry to headline London Comic Con

An English actor well known for playing Dr. Frank-n-Furter in the film version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be headlining the 6th annual London Comic Con this fall.

Tim Curry also played Pennywise in the mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s It, Darkness in the movie Legend, and the hotel concierge in the movie Home Alone 2.

London Comic Con President Andrew Kitt says Curry has made a huge contribution to the entertainment industry, and that Rocky Horror is still screened in movie theatres around the world each year.

“His Frank-n-Furter character is iconic, even teenagers today know that,” Kitt said in a statement.

“Tim Curry was quick to agree to come to London, he is eager to meet his fans in Canada and is already inquiring on cool things to do while he is here, we are super excited to have him.”

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Curry will be at the pop-culture celebration on Oct. 5 and 6 at the London Convention Centre, where he’ll sign autographs and be available for photo opportunities.

Curry is not only an actor, but also a voice actor, comedian and singer.