Thriive Art & Soul Takes Its First Step Into Wellness Tourism

A hectic lifestyle has become the norm in the modern world. In such a lifestyle, taking a break to rejuvenate yourself and becoming one with your soul has changed from being a random notion to a necessity. With alternate therapies gaining popularity, the Indian tourism industry has been booming owing to the plethora of wellness options available in and around India. Considering this need of the hour, Thriive Art Soul, India’s only digital wellness portal, known to provide a platform for 150+ alternative therapies has taken the next step into wellness tourism with Thriive Journeys.

The first wellness trip by Thriive Journeys, scheduled on 27th April – 1st May 2019, takes people through an expedition filled with meditations, treks and serenity, in Bhutan. The 5 day trip is being led by Neeta Jhaveri, tarot reader, healer, travel buff and adventurer. As a land of monasteries, scenic beauty and a rich culture that is always growing, Bhutan is the place to be to take a much-needed detox from your busy life.

The journey will include forms of therapy and rejuvenation for everybody. For the adventure junkies, there is a Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the most sacred spot in Bhutan which surrounds itself with an air of peace and serenity. For the artistic ones, the journey will take you through Sound Healing with Music Bowls and Gongs as well as a form of Art therapy to unlock your inner calmness. However, perhaps the most entrancing part of the trip would be the various forms of meditations that Thriive will take you through, for example, the Meditation Session With a Lama, a form of meditation passed down through the ages designed to absorb the tranquility of the Stupa that the meditation will be conducted in.

“People these days often forget to take a break and focus on themselves. Vacations and holidays are the time they actually have a chance at recharging themselves. We, at Thriive, truly believe that merging wellness into their holidays will help people really get the break they deserve. Our new initiative, Thriive Journeys, is our way of helping people get a unique experience that will fulfill their inner travel bug and also help them unlock a new understanding of spirituality. What better place to start off our adventure than Bhutan?” says Pinky Daga, CEO, Thriive Art Soul.