The three India states to top Foreign Tourist Visit chart

Beating all the famous and regulars, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have come out as top three winners in Foreign Tourist Visit (FTVs) chart! These three states have topped with massive numbers and have left all others far behind.

As per the survey, last year Indian witnessed a whopping 2,68,86,638 foreigners footfall. Among this Maharashtra alone is accountable for 50,78,514 such visits, Tamil Nadu recorded 48,60,455 FTVs while Uttar Pradesh with 35,56,204 FTVs, secured third position in the list.

When it comes to domestic travellers, Tamil Nadu ranks number one with more than 34,50,61,140 Domestic Tourist Visits (DTVs). Second in line is Uttar Pradesh at 23,39,77,619 DTVs and Karnataka secured the third position.

As per KJ Alphons, Minister of State for Tourism, the ranking is done only by the information furnished by them on DTVs and FTVs.

Well it is great to see such states doing so good in travel and tourism sector. Maharashtra, the hub of Bollywood, with its golden past and beaches has always attracted people from over the globe. The state is home to some scenic beaches such as beaches at Velas, Ganapatipule, Tarkali, Guhagar, Shrivardhan and Shiroda, among others.

Tamil Nadu, on the other hand, is a state with tranquil cities, clean beaches and gorgeous temples. From Pondicherry and Chennai to Madurai and Mahabalipuram, this Indian state is simply beautiful. The beauty of this place is has not only allured globetrotters but domestic travellers too prefer visiting the state.

Talking about Uttar Pradesh, it is the state of wonder where The Taj Mahal stands. Half of the globetrotters visit the state to witness the beauty of this one of wonders of the world. Besides Agra, Varanasi, Lucknow, Mathura and Kushinagar are some of the most prominent cities and towns to visit in Uttar Pradesh.