The most dangerous London Underground stations on the Victoria Line

Crime is an ever-growing problem in London and its public transport system is no different.

In fact, with millions of people travelling through London Underground stations each year, they can become a hotbed for crime.

The Victoria Line stretches from Walthamstow Central, in the north east of the city, through to Brixton in the heart of South London.

It serves some of the cities most popular locations like Oxford Circus as well as three major National Rail stationsVictoria, Euston and Kings’ Cross.

British Transport Police, which polices this country’s transport networks including Tube stations, gather data on the crimes committed at each station.

In this way, we can work out which stations on the Victoria Line are most dangerous.

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The data used covers the whole of 2019 and includes all criminal and anti-social behaviour offences.

Although some stations seem to have a disproportionate amount of crime, like Oxford Circus with 359 and Victoria with 212, this is down to the vast numbers of people travelling through.

Therefore this list is worked out using offences committed per 100,000 passengers.

Disturbingly crime has gone up at nearly every station on the line compared to throughout 2018.

Here are the five most dangerous stations on the Victoria Line.

5. Green Park – 0.82 offences per 100,000

Green Park station
(Image: Tom Page)

Compared to 2018, the amount of crime per 100,000 passengers in 2019 leapt from 0.52 to 0.82.

The station is a prime stop for London‘s West End and also for those wanting to visit the Royal Parks.

Offences at this station were worst during the Winter months: October to December.

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4. Oxford Circus – 0.86 offences per 100,000

Police at Oxford Circus
(Image: Calum McKenzie)

Over 40 million people use this station each year heading to the capitals prime shopping district or for a drink or four in Soho.

This makes it a prime target for all kinds or criminals and has made Oxford Circus the fourth most dangerous station on the Victoria Line.

The station joins the trend across the London Underground of an increase in crime.

If 2019 is compared to the previous year, you can see that crime has almost doubled from 0.5 offences per 100,000 to 0.86.

3. Blackhorse Road – 0.88 offences per 100,000

Blackhorse Road Underground Station
(Image: Google)

You might imagine a quiet station like Blackhorse Road with only around four million passengers a year would avoid the worst of the crime wave but you would be wrong.

Despite the relatively low passenger numbers the amount of crimes committed here make it one of the most dangerous stations.

There were 0.88 offences committed per 100,000 passengers.

This was a slight increase from 2018 where the figure was 0.71.

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2. Stockwell – 1.1 offences per 100,000

The scene in Stockwell after a man was stabbed by the station in April 2019
(Image: @Journo_Paul / Twitter)

This is the only station on this list south of the river.

Like Blackhorse Road, the small number of passengers (around 5.7 million per year) compared to the comparably high numbers of offences committed (63) mean Stockwell is the second most dangerous station on the Victoria Line.

Per 100,000 passengers there was 1.1 offences committed, an increase from 2018’s 0.79.

1. Seven Sisters – 1.54 offences per 100,000

Emergency services respond to an incident at Seven Sisters station
(Image: Ayshe Greenan)

The South Tottenham station was the scene of 143 offences in 2019, a jump of almost 50 per cent from the 100 offences committed the previous year.

This high number compared to the lower number of passengers means Seven Sisters is the most dangerous station with 1.54 offences per 100,000.

This is an increase from 1.07 in 2018, when it was also the most dangerous station of the year.

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