The Best Workouts in Paris, According to 5 French Fashion Insiders

Urban legend may have you believe that une Parisienne simply walks off her baguettes and macarons, but those in-the-know are here to tell you otherwise: “I’m big on workouts and [a] healthy lifestyle,” says Paris-based creative director, Claire Thomson-Jonville, who regularly takes to Instagram to show off her daily lunchtime laps at the Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s—a far-cry from New York City’s local (and less-stately) YMCA pools. With such double tap-worthy backdrops, it should come as no surprise that squeezing in a sweat session in-between shows this Couture season may just be the chicest move of all.

Below, five French fashion insiders sound off on their favorite fitness finds, from a secret body-sculpting barre class to a Kundalini yoga studio tucked away in a private home in Montmartre. À votre sante!

Claire Thomson-Jonville, editor, creative director, and consultant