The Best Head Shops and Smoke Shops in NYC


Brooklyn Smokes

Mill Basin
With adorable shop dog Soup by his side, Brooklyn Smokes’ owner Shafiq greets visitors to his sunny, inviting corner spot by name. “We choose what we have carefully,” Shafiq says.

“We try to specialize.” Indeed, he maintains a thoughtful assortment of smoking and vaping equipment.

Display cases are lined with staff-recommendations like you’d find at a bookstore. The place is a welcome respite from pretension, brand marketing, gatekeeping, and exclusivity.

Bushwick Smoke Shop

Park Slope! J/K, it’s in Bushwick
This shop has the widest selection of smoking goods — including a large walk-in humidor for cigar enthusiasts — of any other we’ve encountered. Merchandise rises high to the ceiling, and a visibly deep back-stock gives the relatively small space a big-box feel.

Here, you’ll find every type, shape, and size of rolling paper, bong, pipe, hookah you can conceive of.


East Village
Amid St.

Mark’s Place’s bazaar of tabletop vendors, dollar pizza, tattoo shops, and faded punk ephemera, i-Vape is a triptych of glass, paper, and vapor. Staffers at this gallery-like shop inform and advise with effortless authority.

Plan a visit soon, before the smoke-set collaboration by artists Hoobs and Matt Robertson  — depicting a giraffe and a ram in a game of one-on-one — sells out. At $15,000, you’d have to be high to buy this thing.