Thailand Participates in SATTE, India’s Tourism Expo

NEW DELHI  – Thai tour operators led by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) participate in the South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange (SATTE) in New Delhi, India, hoping to expand their markets and tourism revenue to THB 1.1 billion this year.

The TAT together with 82 Thai exhibitors represents Thailand’s presence at SATTE, India’s largest tourism expo.

Thai hotels, resorts, tour operators, airlines and tourist attractions showcased their products, services and facilities with a focus on presenting images and cultural aspects.

TAT executives said the number of Indian tourist arrivals in Thailand last year was about 1.95 million, representing big opportunity for Thailand this year.

Thailand looked to learn from India on how to improve brand image and markets to attract Indian tourists who are among the top 10 countries to visit Thailand, TAT officials said.

The TAT also saw opportunity to promote Thailand’s diverse products to film producers, conference organizers and honeymooners.