Terminally ill 15-year-old whose last wish was to meet Ed Sheeran before she died smiles in heartwarming photo as …

Sophia Gall, from Victoria, has been battling childhood cancer since June 2015, and revealed earlier in the month that her cancer had become terminal.

The 15-year-old has osteosarcoma – a rare bone cancer – and in a video that went viral, she d her last wish to meet British singer Ed Sheeran and American TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

Sophia has been travelling Europe since June 2, and in her latest Instagram post d a sweet snap her and Ed Sheeran together.

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Sophia Gall d a sweet snap of her and British singer Ed Sheeran on her Instagram

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Taking to Instagram to her joy, Sophia said she had been ‘reunited with my fave ginger’.

‘Ed Sheeran you are truly amazing. I am so overly happy right now,’ she wrote.

‘This day has been amazing and I never want it to end!’  

Sophia, who was diagnosed in 2015 after doctors found a lump in her back, said the British singer is her ‘favourite person in the whole world’.

‘Ed Sheeran has been a fan of mine for as long as I can remember, and his music has helped me so much throughout my journey,’ Sophia wrote on her Instagram.

osteosarcoma in the pelvis, where doctors originally found the cancer in Sophia, occurs in 1 in 25 million cases

Sophia posted an emotional video to her Facebook earlier in the month, revealing her cancer had spread to her leg and no more medical treatments were available. 

What is osteosarcoma?

Osteosarcoma, or osteogenic sarcoma, is a rare type of bone cancer.

It usually develops in growing bones, which is why it’s most common in teenagers and young adults. 

While any bone in the body can be affected, the most common sites are the arms or legs, particularly around the knee joint.

Source: Macmillan Cancer Support 

Her regular scans showed that the cancer started to spread down her leg and it was not shrinking.

‘The cancer in my lung has cleared up which is great news but the cancer in my leg has started to spread,’ she said.

The cancer began in Sophia’s pelvis. Before the diagnosis, she was an avid soccer player and dancer.

The presence of osteosarcoma in the pelvis occurs in 1 in 25 million cases.

Speaking about her plans now, Sophia said she will go on a holiday around the world to ‘enjoy my life as much as I can’.

And it seems the cheerful Year 10 student has been doing just that, updating her followers while she travels the world with her family


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Sophia in Paris, France, while embarking on a world trip with her family since June 

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A sweet snap of the 15-year-old shows her smiling at the London Bridge 


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Sophia previously said she wanted to enjoy the rest of her time and travel the world with her family

Sophia has visited Scotland, England, France and Singapore since the start of June, fulfilling her wish to enjoy the time she has left. 

She met Ed Sheeran previously when she was undergoing treatment in 2015.

‘I just want to enjoy every last moment I have here on this earth because life is too short, and life is unfair,’ she said. 

Sophia revealed she would like to go on The Ellen Show in the US, where she is planning to travel to soon.

‘It would be my absolute dream to go on her show and just spread awareness about childhood cancer,’ she said.


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Sophia met Ed Sheeran previously when she was undergoing treatment for osteosarcoma

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Sophia before her cancer diagnosis in 2015, before treatment made her lose her hair


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Sophia’s post on Facebook asked her friends and family to help make her wishes come true

Sophia and her family left for the United States for 12 weeks in 2016, where Sophia underwent 39 rounds of proton radiation therapy.

Despite countless rounds of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, doctors have been unable to shrink Sophia’s cancer.

‘We need to find a cure, I know there’s not one type of cure for cancers but this just can’t keep happening to people!’ Sophia said.

‘I’m scared as hell of what’s gonna happen to me.

Ever the brave fighter and inspiration to many, Sophia has kept her followers, friends and family up-to-date with her treatments through YouTube videos, remaining cheerful and strong as she documents her life.

‘You don’t know what’s going to happen so smile, be brave, be positive, be strong and believe in yourself.