Stuffed Ice Cream in New York City sells over-the-top ice cream bouquets with 19 scoops

Better than roses! New York City shop is serving up enormous $50 ice cream ‘bouquets‘ that come with 19 SCOOPS piled onto on a single coneStuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood opened in July 2017It sells ice cream ‘bouquets‘ with up to 19 scoops piled on topThe 19-scoop version costs $50, but the ice cream bouquets can be ordered with fewer scoops too 


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19:08 GMT, 4 February 2019

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There are two types of women: Those who want a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, and those that would be much happier with an enormous bouquet of ice cream.  

While a dozen roses might make some swoon, one New York City ice cream shop is offering customers its own kind of romantic treat that comes complete with nearly 20 scoops of delicious ice cream. 

Stuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan’s East Village sells the excessive sweet treat to its  ambitious customers, who are charged $50 for a decadent 19-scoop ice cream bouquet.

A bit excessive: Stuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan’s East Village sells ice cream cones with up to 19 scoops

Pretty clever: They call their piled-on cones ice cream ‘bouquets

Pricey: The 19-scoop version costs $50, but it can be ordered with fewer scoops

Steady! The precariously-piled-up cones apparently don’t topple over, as far as Instagram evidence shows

And while the bouquet will no doubt become all the more popular ahead of Valentine’s Day in a few weeks, Instagram foodies have actually been flocking to the shop since it opened back in July of 2017.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only special occasion that can be celebrated with the big ice cream bouquets either; in October, Stuffed Ice Cream served up a special Halloween version of the delicacy, turning orange scoops of the frozen treat into mini pumpkins, which proved incredibly popular with Instagram users.

Even Kim Kardashian’s close pal Jonathan Cheban has stopped by to photos of the shop’s impressive creations on his food-centric Instagram account, Foodgod. 

The ice cream bouquet has unsurprisingly proved an instant hit, both for its truly over-the-top presentation and the scoopers’ amazing ability to make 19 scoops fit on a single cone without toppling. 

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Trendy: The bouquets are a hit on social media precisely because they are so over-the-top (for this snap, the scoopers used several cones to balance the bouquet)

Fans: Kim Kardashian’s friend Jonathan Cheban tested it out himself last year

Seasonal: The New York eatery also served up a version that looked like lots of mini pumpkins for Halloween

Images of the bouquets posted to Instagram show an impressive array of flavor combinations, with some of the more ambitious food lovers opting to eat a mass array of ice cream options, while others choose to stick to just a few select choices. 

Of course, eating that much ice cream is a lofty goal for one person, so the dish certainly encourages sharing. 

And if even that’s too much, Stuffed Ice Cream will also make bouquets with a fewer scoops.

In fact, its smaller scoop bouquets are incredible popular, particularly with seven scoops arranged on top to so perfectly emulate the shape of a flower. 

The shop also serves up quite a few other treats, including its signature Cruffs — doughnuts stuffed with ice cream and sprinkled with toppings. 



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