Strong wind & fire warning issued across the Czech Republic today – Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday, April 23: due to the dry, warm recent weather, a warning of increased risk of fire has been put in effect across the Czech Republic from today by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMU).

The general fire warning has been issued across the Czech Republic throughout the week, though precipitation is expected later this week.

Residents are advised against lighting open fires, using outdoor grills, and improperly disposing of cigarettes; due to the fire warning, local prohibitions may also be in effect.

In Prague, a ban on open fires that also includes the use of fireworks and similar devices is currently in effect.

On Tuesday afternoon and early evening, a strong wind warning with increased risk of fires will also be in effect. Winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour are expected throughout the Czech Republic.

Potential damage to trees and other objects may occur, and residents are advised to take caution while outside and secure any loose objects.

Both warnings are in effect today for the entirety of the Czech Republic, including Prague.