Snake slithers into shopping cart at Wegmans in Upstate NY …


You can find just about everything at Wegmans: Groceries, medicine, pet food, personal care, beer and snakes?

The Democrat Chronicle reports a customer found a snake on her shopping cart while shopping at the supermarket chain’s Pittsford location Monday. Laura Walitsky wrote on Facebook that she was in the produce section around 6:30 p.m. shopping for broccoli, grapes and peaches when she noticed something not quite ripe.

“Uh, Mom, there’s a snake on the cart,” her daughter suddenly remarked.

You’ve heard of snakes on a planebut what about snakes in a cart? A woman found a SNAKE in her cart @wegmans in Pittsford. She took the cart outside and employees helped her remove it. Wegmans officials say this was an isolated incident.

— Kaci Jones (@WHEC_kjones) August 28, 2018

Walitsky, who lives in Pittsford, told the Rochester newspaper that the small reptile had wrapped itself around the bottom of her shopping cart. She calmly took the cart outside the store and asked her daughter to tell customer service about the issue; a Helping Hands employee in the parking lot also quickly ran to get manager.

“Funniest line from the Helping Hands guy when a woman passing by asked if we thought it was from around here. ‘Well, we get most of our produce locally,’” Walitsky wrote on Facebook.

It’s unclear how the snake ended up in the store or Walitsky‘s cart, but a biology professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges said it was a milk snake, one of the most common species in New York. They’re non-venomous and non-aggressive, but can found be near barns and other buildings as they prefer to eat mice.

Wegmans spokesperson Valerie Fox told the DC that it “was an isolated incident.” A store employee removed the snake from the cart and placed it in a wooded area near the store.

No injuries were reported.