Six unbelievable wonders of natural world

Nature in all her glory can create some of the most mind-blowing, breath-taking occurrences. Creating such unique wonders that they look like the came out of a Hollywood movie. Nature’s paintbrush is truly unbelievable, adding color where unexpected.

The magnificence of nature can leave you speechless. Here are a few images that would make you agree with us.

Cano Cristales (The River of Five Colors)

Located in Colombia, this river for a brief period of the year offers such a brilliant show of colors. The cause of the colors is a unique plant (Macarenio clavigera) which lines the river floor; it turns to a profound shade of red. When the water level is just right, the plant is offset by the yellow and green sand and the water itself, the river is mesmerizing.

Red Tide

Looks like someone dumped barrels of tomato soup into the ocean, doesn’t it? In reality, it is a marvel caused by algal bloom, aquatic microorganisms.

Luminescence Beaches

It is real. The neon blue water is a result of a natural phenomenon, bio-luminescence. It occurs when microscopic organisms react to the oxygen in the water. This unusual, rare shoreline occurrence is from the beaches of Maldives.

Sun Dogs

This beautiful halo created by light interacting with ice crystals found in the atmosphere. Where the sun is the center, and two patches of light will appear on either side.

Spotted Lake

Located in Canada, this polka dot lake is displaying its dense deposits of minerals.

Danxia Landforms

Beautiful sloping rock formation hills in the country of China. Caused by millions of years of sandstone and mineral deposits.