Severna Park’s Isabel Williams Eyes Olympic Future In Water Polo

Isabel Williams, a 17-year-old graduate of Severna Park High School, has been playing water polo for just under 10 years, but the opportunities and memories she has been presented with because of the sport will last her a lifetime.

Inspired by a friend of her sister, Williams, who was already a swimmer, decided to focus on water polo when she was just 8 years old.

“At first it was as much as any other sport, just two hours a day after school, but the longer I played, the more involved I became,” she said. “I started having tournaments almost every weekend and trips that I’d have to miss school for.

Sometimes I would be gone for a couple days, but other times I would be gone for weeks.”

After being involved with USA Water Polo’s Olympic Development Program and attending some selection camps, Williams was asked to try out for the Junior National Team last May.

“I went to three tryouts, each lasting about three days, before the coaches announced who was selected for the team,” Williams said. “When I was selected, I was a little overwhelmed but overall extremely excited to be given an opportunity to represent Team USA.

She spent the summer in Portugal competing in the Junior World Championships.

Water polo has allowed Williams to travel all over the globe, to places including Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Hungary.

In doing so, she has had the opportunity to meet and compete with Olympians from all different parts of the world.

“I’ve met so many people who love the sport as much as I do,” she said.

Williams plans on attending the University of California, Berkeley for the upcoming winter/spring semester, and although graduating from high school early wasn’t part of her initial plan, she realized in April of her junior year just how beneficial is would be.

“The idea was to give me time to prepare for my college season with higher-level practices,” she said.

“My counselors and teachers helped in any way they could and, thankfully, I was able to graduate by the time school got out for the summer.”

With such a strong love for water polo, Williams plans on being involved in it for as long as she can, “whether that be through playing, coaching, or something in between,” she said.

“My dream would definitely be to join the Senior National Team and compete with them at the Olympics,” Williams admitted.

If she continues to follow the track she is on now, her hometown will proudly support her throughout her entire journey of making this dream a reality.