Safari holidays: Discover your inner animal lover on a South African safari

I squint a bit harder, and as I curse myself for forgetting my glasses,
 I spot it. An actual leopard, in the actual wild, snoozing on a branch. I’m literally 10 minutes in and can tick off one of the Big Five you hope to see on safari (along with lions, rhinos, African bush elephants and buffalo) thanks 
to an encounter that sets the precedent for the next three days.

My mind is blown again when we pull up to Tengile. I’ve driven past kudus (native South African antelope), zebras and giraffes like it’s normal, then when
 I reach the lodge I’m told 
that I just missed a herd of elephants walking past, but animals aside, this place is a real spectacle. Small but perfectly formed and decorated with fabrics hand-painted by local artists, there are 10 suites – each with a private pool, outdoor shower, veranda and huge bedroom – that face out to open views of the bush.