Paula Patton’s son begged her to call 911 to avoid a visit with Robin Thicke: Report

Paula Patton was reportedly urged by her son to call emergency services so he didn’t have to visit his father Robin Thicke.

News outlet TMZ has obtained an audio clip of a call made to U.S. emergency services, 911, by her son Julian’s nanny, asking police to “enforce a restraining order” because the six-year-old was distraught at the thought of a visit with the Blurred Lines hitmaker.

The short recording features a female complainant requesting police assistance after the child allegedly expressed his reluctance to go to a local park with his father.

The nanny, who is with Julian’s mother Patton, is heard during the call asking emergency services to intervene.

“Hello? Hi, we need you to come to Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon, there’s a park at the end, and we need you guys to just intervene because we have a court order document that the child doesn’t want to go with his father, he doesn’t have to go, and now it’s enforced,” stated the female caller. “We need you to come and enforce the order. We have a restraining order, the person is within distance of the restraining order, he’s in violation of it currently, so it is agreed upon that he will not come to the park until we are gone, and then he comes.”

The caller goes on to say Julian gets tearful before visits with his father, and “he’s praying to angels, he’s trying to avoid it like the plague.”

“This child is literally begging me and everyone else to call 911. That’s how much he does not want to go,” she added.

In February Patton accused Thicke, who is dating April Love Geary, of breaching a restraining order by entering a Malibu park to collect Julian while she was still present.

The actress has previously accused the 39-year-old of physically abusing both her and their son, and obtained a protective order barring the singer from contacting or going anywhere near her, her mother Joyce, or young Julian.

She also secured sole legal and physical custody of their son, while Robin was limited to three supervised visits a week at a neutral location.