NJ TRANSIT Blames Local Donut Shop For Not Opening Their Station On Time

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – If you show up for the train on Monday at NJ TRANSIT’s Hamilton station and the station doors are locked, the railroad has a message for you – don’t blame us, blame Dunkin’ Donuts.

Some riders in Mercer County found that out the hard way Thursday, when commuters found out the reason the station’s doors are not reliably opening on time is because NJ TRANSIT has left that important task to the donut workers.

Riders took out their frustrations on twitter and NJ TRANSIT shockingly admitted their strange arrangement in a reply.

Hi Steve, like previously stated, Dunkin Donuts is responsible for opening the doors in the morning at Hamilton station. NJT has spoken to the vendor multiple times. If you would like to file a formal complaint, use the link below. -TB

— NJ TRANSIT (@NJTRANSIT) March 21, 2019

This did little to ease the minds of confounded commuters, wondering how the state’s major railroad could leave their station’s operating hours in the hands of a fast food chain.

A Dunkin Donuts controls access to a NJ Transit station

…and you thought the MTA had issues.

— Andrew Nathanson (@andrewnathanson) March 21, 2019

“Why is a donut shop in charge of opening a train station?” one rider asked. Another said it shows NJ TRANSIT’s lack of empathy and concern for anyone.

So Dunkin Donuts is responsible for a NJ Transit Station? Is Krispy Kreme in charge of the airport?

— Ben J. Kestenbaum (@BenJKest) March 21, 2019

NJ TRANSIT responded by tweeting that Dunkin’ Donuts agreed to open the station as part of their contract and that they would speak to the vendor. It’s not clear if any other NJ TRANSIT facilities have a similar agreement with their local donut shops.