New Caribbean Island Resort Properties from $84,900

A 15% Rental Income Guarantee Priced from $84,900 (Beachfront Villas from $1.2M) Financing of 30% down and 0% interest for 2 years

A turn-key resort property management program

The Blue Pearl Island Suites are available in Studio, 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom models. Located just off the beach, within an award winning island resort, these properties offer an unmatched experience in nature with an array of investment benefits.

“We are very excited to offer The Blue Pearl Island Suites, along with our other luxury real estate inventory.” said Ricardo Severini, VP of Sales at Red Frog Beach. “The Island Suites will appeal to the investor that wants to own a piece of paradise with a rental guarantee. We are planning to sell out quickly.”

Red Frog Beach attracts buyers and vacation guests from around the world because of its unique Caribbean location in Panama, 30 miles from Costa Rica in the hurricane-free islands of Bocas del Toro. The resort offers a combination of pristine beaches, lush tropical forest, wildlife (including sloths and monkeys), and resort amenities such as restaurants, spa, unique island tours and a world-class beach club.

Panama has continued to attract international attention because it has been labeled as one of the top places to retire because of its natural beauty, weather, government tax incentives, dollarized economy, its residency and pensionado programs, safety and economic/political stability.

Real Estate at Red Frog Beach
Ownership opportunities at the Red Frog Beach Island Resort Community include a variety of properties from $84,900 to $2.5M: Private Villas, Ocean Condos, Island Lots, Jungle Lodges, Residence Club Units, Marina Slips and now, The Blue Pearl Island Suites. There has never been a better time to purchase.

Red Frog Beach Island Resort Contact: U.S. (281) 892-1344Panama (507) 833-7753 

SOURCE Red Frog Beach Island Resort Community

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