Medical Tourism Is The Focal Point Of A Progressive India, As Proved By The IIHMR’s Global Health And Medical Tourism (GloHMT) Conference

India is at the crux of a new revolution, as apt and all-encompassing framework medical tourism is garnishing credibility back to home soil. The IIHMR University Jaipur is tapping into this rise, as it co-hosts a week-long international conference on ‘Global Health and Medical Tourism (GloHMT), with IIM Kozhikode. Bringing medical practitioners and experts from the field of healthcare, pharmaceutical and allied industries, the conference delves into various aspects of medical tourism.

Attendees gained a clear landscape of technology, policies, global healthcare perspectives, healthcare models and best practices in medical tourism through plenary sessions, panel discussions, and paper presentations.

“We are pleased to witness a host of luminaries gracing the conference. While earlier, Medical Tourism had gained momentum in the west, it is India who is currently on top, in respect to Medical and Spiritual Healing. This notes a wide evolution in the perspective of how health care is delivered to all. It is the collective effort of all the bodies involved- the government, the medical fraternity and the citizens all across the world, which creates a bracing change for the cause of health. This conference has been carefully curated, in order to create a stringent framework for discussions to take place”, said Dr Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University, Jaipur.

The inaugural event also saw, the launch of Center for Mindfulness, Wellness, and Ethics by Chief Guest Dr Prithvi Raj, IAS, Secretary (Finance), Government of Rajasthan and Guest of Honor Gurudev Amrit Desai, Founder, Amrit Yoga Institute and Kripalu Center, USA. Dr Pankaj Gupta, President, IIHMR University and Dr S.D.Gupta Chairman, IIHMR University, then addressed the ceremony, with much warmth and insight.

“The cause of global health is getting a boost as cutting-edge modern practitioners, age-old spiritual advisors/gurus and management honchos are coming together to uphold the cause of health. Global health has emerged beyond being a prerogative of Public Health professionals to an inter-country, inter-disciplinary entity that requires a larger perspective. Restricting it o a disease- related barrier is committing injustice towards the larger cause. Health transcends across countries intoa global unit that ne a more sensitized perspective towards viewing it in a collective form”, said Dr SD Gupta, Chairman, IIHMRUniversity, Jaipur.

“The primary health care is evolving, from the archaic practices propagated in the older times to the modern form that acclimatizes and assimilates the learnings from global scenario. The evolution is positive in all senses, as the nation is coping up to shortage of trained manpower with intrinsic awareness programs promoting the cause of health,” said Dr Prithvi Raj, IAS, Secretary (Finance), Government of Rajasthan.

The seven-day long conference held numerous discussions in an attempt to spot the light on imperatives of artificial intelligence, accreditation, capacity and leadership development, global healthcare economics, innovations in global health care, management and policy perspectives medical tourism, waste management issues and so on.

“It is important to ensure global health from a molecular level- that is to enable the cause of health in a personal level. The growth of the mind and its tandem awareness towards controlling the balance of the body comes from deep within; hence spiritualism is an important aspect that helps upholding the cause of complete health”, said Gurudev Amrit Desai, Founder, Amrit Yoga Institute and Kripalu Center, USA.

While Global Health and Medical Tourism (GloHMT) Conference invited open discussions on one pedestal useful for creating knowledge resource through technical sessions that is hard core research driven and interactive along with panel discussions on key segments.