Local art show held to raise money for outreach in Africa

Local art show held to raise money for outreach in Africa Video #####IMG000000001#####

San Angelo, TX – San Angelo artist and gallery owner Ryan Dalgliesh is hosted an art show to benefit impoverished children and protected wildlife in Africa. Dalgleish’s gallery and studio space is in San Angelo’s historic district.

The African Safari art show and benefit began Friday August 24th and went through August 25th, and sales from the show go to benefit Earthwatch as well as a small orphanage on the African continent. But even after the show ends, patrons wishing to help can still do so.

“Detween now and September fourth everything that we sell on the website or here in house will benefit the orphanage and the animal reserve,” Dalgliesh said, “You have until 11:59 on September fourth to have your purchase go towards those benefits.” As the gallery owner Dalgliesh chooses who his art shows benefit with the help of those whose photos he uses to paint from. Dalgliesh, whose work is on display at the Landmark Embassy Suites in San Antonio, Texas, used the photos of Jordann Foland as the foundation of the pieces that he painted for this benefit.

“I always try to make contact with different photographers and artists around the country,” Dalgliesh said. “Well this time i was able to acquire some photos from an African safari, and I talked to a friend of mine and asked, ‘who would you like this show, this series of paintings to benefit,’ and so she has two friends in Africa that these paintings are going to benefit.”

Ten percent of all sales will go to Earthwatch, and another ten to the orphanage. You can tour the gallery at 520 Orient Street, San Angelo, or go to their website. The show also features works by San Angelo youth artists.