Italian envoy visits National Museum of Iran

TEHRAN – Rome’s ambassador to Tehran Giuseppe Perrone on Wednesday paid a visit to the National Museum of Iran, exchanging views with the museum’s director Jebrael Nokandeh to deepen cultural ties.

They also explored avenues for strengthening museum-related ties between Iran and Italy, CHTN reported on Wednesday.

The officials talked about a loan exhibit of Italian cultural heritage that the National Museum of Iran aims to host in the future. They also discussed an upcoming exhibition of works by Italy-based Iranian sculptor Bijan Basiri, which is scheduled to go on display at the National Museum of Iran on Friday.

Moreover, the Embassy of Italy in Tehran is organized a one-day exhibit entitled “Nottambulo” (“Night Owl”) in collaboration with the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) to mark Italy’s Day of Contemporary Art, which falls on October 11, the TMCA announced on Tuesday.

Earlier this month in an interview with IRNA, Perrone said that for more than 20 centuries Iran and Italy have been the embodiment of Eastern and Western civilizations and such a long history of relationships and many historical, religious and cultural commonalities between the two nations has helped Iran and Italy better understanding each other today.