Hotel Vs. Airbnb: Where To Stay In Paris

Other Apartment Rentals

Another option in Paris is to use a vacation rental company. On a recent visit to Paris with my family, I rented an apartment using a specialized service called Paris Perfect. Unlike Airbnb, the company manages or owns a portfolio of properties, so although you’re getting a private residence, there’s a central agent to make a reservation through, sheet and towel service, available concierge services to make reservations and get suggestions (for an additional fee), and a local office where you can leave luggage, which is a great perk.

My apartment had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a duplex layout, and a modern kitchen, plus views of the Eiffel Tower and a tiny balcony just big enough for enjoying a glass of wine. It was heaven. A pastry shop just two doors away let us stock the kitchen for breakfasts at home, and we enjoyed our own wine-and-cheese happy hours in the spacious living room. And luckily, when my flight was delayed (and then canceled) having a management service on call allowed me to have a responsible professional to call who was able to extend my stay an additional night — just like having a front desk at a hotel. For me, this wound up being the best of both hotel and rental worlds.

Note that whether you opt for a Paris hotel, Airbnb, or apartment rental, the further out you stay, the harder time you’ll have finding cabs or accessing the Metro, both of which can make for safety concerns in a new city. Also, be sure to read listing reviews, avoiding any that mention dark or abandoned buildings, streets, or neighborhoods. Always keep an eye out for pickpockets at popular tourist sights, and note that 112 is the equivalent of calling 911 in the United States.

Whether you opt for a hotel, Airbnb, or private apartment rental, you’ll want to know about these eight amazing hidden gems in Paris, plus how to avoid crowds while visiting the city.