Holistic holidays: A concept that lets you connect with your inner self

Free from mobile network, limited Internet connectivity and pollution -welcome to the new trend of wellness vacations. In pursuit of peace, a rising number of people are embarking on journeys to remote places that can help them detox physically, mentally and digitally. Ditching beach holidays and regular ‘touristy places’, health-conscious travellers are turning to restorative retreats that offer a break from the monotony of city life, to help them slow down and listen to their bodies better. While the trend has been up there for quite some time, this year we saw more and more people joining the fad.

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Early this year, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal went for a 12-day naturopathic treatment at Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bengaluru soon after securing a sweeping victory in the Delhi Assembly elections. When stress took a toll on his health, Kejriwal, a diabetic struggling with high-blood glucose levels and a chronic cough, decided to take the nature’s route that led him to healing therapies such as naturopathy, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Long working hours and daily pressure of deadlines is leaving many overworked, stressed and exhausted. According to experts, long-term stress and sleep deprivation increase the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, thyroid, hypertension, insomnia and heart ailments. Add to that hectic lifestyles, and people no longer have the time or inclination to exercise or eat right. Caught in a dailyrut, health takes the backseat.

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In the early 21st century, the work too has transformed beyond recognition. In this world of smartphones and Internet, running 24 hours a day, the switch off button no longer exists. Enter wellness travels. As most people are unable to call it a day in their regular routine, they are embracing such vacations that give them a chance to disconnect themselves from the world, connect with their inner self and see its impact on their overall well-being. The trend even has a name – healing thyself. Most of these wellness travels allow people to experience holistic and spiritual practices like chakra balancing, Pranayam, Reiki healing, meditation, yoga, Pilate bootcamp, Zumba, physiotherapy and  invigorating spa massage. The result? A week-long vacation that rejuvenates travellers, helping them return to their daily world happier and healthier than before. In India, Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala are quite popular.

People also like to meditate in the mountains, surrounded by fresh air and awe-inspiring valleys of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. International destinations like the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, and Turkey are also popular haunts for those seeking some solace from the busy life. Wellness cuisine is catching on too. People want to explore healthier and lighter meals created from natural ingredients that they can also try at home.