Global Satellite Agency (GSA) Opens Doors in Prague

On November 8 9 the European GNSS Agency, GSA, located in Holešovice will be hosting its annual Open Days!.

This year, the GSA Open Days 2019 is an opportunity to experience first-hand the power of the Galileo and EGNOS satellites and to understand why Accuracy Matters through virtual reality games, workshops, and seminars by the GSA staff.

This is a unique opportunity to get an insider’s look at the European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) services and the people behind them.

The GSA manages the Galileo navigation system. Galileo, since it is newer and based on more advanced technology, is more accurate and reliable than the rival American GPS system.

The EU having its own system ensures its independence if the rival systems block access for political reasons. It also allows the EU to customize its own projects and priorities. Galileo currently has 22 satellites in orbit and plans to add 30 more to increase the system’s accuracy.

The GSA will also oversee the Copernicus program for Earth observation, which monitors the environment and safety. It aims is to create high-quality Earth observation capacity that provides accurate, timely and easily accessible information to improve the management of the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change, and ensure civil security.

Last year’s Open Days saw over 2,000 visitors visit the GSA to learn more about European space programs. This year’s exciting program, which includes seminars and space workshops (in both Czech and English), competitions and quizzes, and other fun educational activities, should again attract many visitors.

“End users are at the centre of the European space program, which was developed with the core aim of benefitting the lives of Europeans. Throwing open the doors of our Prague home to the public gives us at the GSA the opportunity to meet with the beneficiaries of Galileo and EGNOS while giving end-users the chance to learn more about the GSA and the benefits of Europe’s investment in space,” GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides said.

About the European GNSS Agency (GSA)

As an official European Union Regulatory Agency, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) manages public interests related to European GNSS programmes. The GSA’s mission is to support European Union objectives and achieve the highest return on European GNSS investment, in terms of benefits to users and economic growth and competitiveness. For more information, visit the GSA website.

Have a look at this year’s program here

Photo: GSA Communications Department