From ‘kecapi’ to ‘Wiro Sableng’: Indonesian cultural events to visit in London – The Jakarta Post

As the Market Focus Country of the 2019 London Book Fair, Indonesia has prepared more than 90 programs to promote its literature and culture. With more than 100 members in its delegation, Indonesia is set to make its presence known.

While the book fair itself is more intended for people in the publishing industry, cultural programs in the greater London area might be interesting for those who wish to know more about Indonesia.

Here are some selected cultural programs that you can join, starting this weekend:

The sound of music

When: March 9 at 4 pm

For two hours, visitors will be entertained by a traditional Indonesian music performance. Three musicians will play kecapi suling (traditional Sundanese flute) at level four of the Foyles Bookshop at 107 Charing Cross Road.

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Indonesian kebaya

When: March 11 at noon

Indonesian fashion designer Didiet Maulana will hold a workshop on how to mix and match kain (traditional fabric) and kebaya (Indonesian traditional blouse). Didiet’s brand Ikat Indonesia specializes in traditional fabrics. The event will be held at the Indonesian Embassy where visitors will need to register.

Indonesian board games

When: March 11 at 2 pm and March 15 at 1 pm

Following the democratization of geek culture, board games are cool again including in Indonesia. The event provides an insight into the country’s board game market and industry and an opportunity to try various board games brought by two major players in the industry. The event will be hosted at Draughts Board Game Care London Hackney and visitors can register on the spot.

Beauty and history: Javanese manuscripts from Yogyakarta

When: March 12 at 7 pm

Visitors can marvel at 75 manuscripts from Yogyakarta digitized by the British Library, a project launched on March 30, 2018. Almost half of the collection is now available online on the library’s digitized manuscripts website, but the event will have curator Annabel Gallop lead the exploration on these manuscripts. Visitors need to buy tickets for the event.

Creative islands on the rise

When: March 14 to 16

A three day-exhibit will showcase illustrations from Indonesian children’s books. Aside from the exhibition, there will be screenings of Si Juki, a movie about a popular comic book character, as well as of the award-winning animated film The Battle of Surabaya, a comic workshop with Ario Anindito, who has drawn for Marvel, live drawing by artist Muhammad “Emte” Taufiq and figurine painting with Ario Anindito, Faza Meonk and Rakhman Azhari. All these events will be hosted at Studio 249 and visitors need to register there.

The modest fashion revolution

When: March 14 at 6.45 pm

A discussion on the growing modest fashion industry will be held at the Asia House. The speakers will be renowned modest fashion designer Dian Pelangi, centenary professor of cultural studies at London College of Fashion Reina Lewis, couturier Raishma Islam and director and cofounder of Ayah, a modest fashion consultancy, Kulsum Patel. Interested visitors need to register via Eventbrite. The tickets for general admission are £1 and free for students.

Wiro Sableng movie screening

When: March 17 at 5 pm

A screening on Wiro Sableng will be held at the Brunei Gallery Lecture Theater in the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. Wiro Sableng is a silat (traditional Indonesian martial art) flick co-produced by 20th Century Fox. (wng)