Former Bigg Boss contestant Gizele Thakral’s beach avatar is to die for

Bigg Boss star Gizele Thakral. Picture courtesy: Instagram/gizelethakral

Former Bigg Boss contestant Gizele Thakral, who made quite a few heads turn with her unique antics on the reality show, is now ready to make headlines all over again.

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Have a look at her personal Instagram account, and you will know what we are talking about. Or maybe, you don’t even need to do that, because we have all the hot pictures of the lady in question right here.

Gizele poses for a picture. Picture courtesy: Instagram/gizelethakral

Looking at her pictures on Insta, one can only say that the reality TV star is having the time of her life in Maldives. In fact, she has turned into a complete beach babe. Taking selfies, posing in her super-hot bikini surrounded by water whilst playing with her long tresses; yeah, she looks stunning, doesn’t she?

Yeah, we said OH MY GOD, as well. Picture courtesy: Instagram/gizelethakral

And she poses again. Picture courtesy: Instagram/gizelethakral

In one of the pictures, she can be seen on top of a tree in hot pants; that one photograph alone is making all of us wish that we were vacationing in Maldives too.

The Tarzan girl is here. Picture courtesy: Instagram/gizelethakral

A trip to Maldives is now on our bucket list as well. Thank you, Gizele!