Flying abroad on these days of the year can save you HUNDREDS of pounds

On some flights, there can be a difference of nearly £900 between the most expensive and cheapest day of the year.

For example, on 9 May, the average flight to Sydney cost just £435. However, just ahead of Christmas on 19 December last year, the flight skyrocketed to a huge £1,313, nearly £900 more than the cheapest day for the very same route.

Savings of over £500 can be had to many other popular destinations.

For example, whilst the yearly average cost for flights to Manila last year was £500, they fell to just £301 on 30 October last year, and rose to £1,071 on the most expensive day of the year, 28 July.

John-Lee Saez, Managing Director for KAYAK Europe said: “It’s no secret that travelling out of season can be cheaper, but the data shows that in some cases, changes of just a few days can mean huge differences.