Film buff? Here are the ten movie scene locations you MUST see in Paris

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2: The Jazz bar in La La Land

You can find the underground jazz bar from La La Land – which stars Ryan Gosling and Emma stone – in the Latin Quarter of Paris. 

Le Caveau du Huchette may only feature briefly in the film, but its popularity has soared since the huge international success of the film. 

Find it here. 

3: Amélie’s cafe

The quirky Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is the darling of Paris cinema and the movie proved to be a huge hit abroad. She calls Montmartre her home and this film showcases how the area, though part of Paris, has a village-like feel to it. 

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6: Twist reality at the ‘Inception Bridge’

The Pont Bir Hakeim bridge is often simply referred to as the Inception bridge. It was in this movie that director Christopher Nolan used the column features to striking effect. 

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He created mirror images to give the impression that the bridge went on for eternity, a link to the  dream sequences that saw the characters bend the realms of reality. It’s also the setting for the opening scene in Last Tango in Paris. 

Why not do what the gang from Parks and Recreation did and visit it for yourself?

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7: Crack the Da Vinci Code

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9: Follow the rats

10: Ditch your phone (or at least pretend to)

The Devil Wears Prada is largely set in New York, though as the movie is all about the fashion world, a trip to Paris was always going to be on the cards. If you like fashion, stroll down the nearby Avenue Montaigne just as Andy (Anne Hathaway) does in the film.

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It is right in the heart of Paris at Place de la Concorde that Andy decides that the cut-throat industry is not for her, and she symbolically throws her phone into one of the stunning Tritan and Water Nymph fountains here.

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11: (Bonus) The blockbuster view

Lastly, it’s a bit of fun – and we recommend that you do not try this one. Rush Hour 3 takes you on a high-octane journey around Paris, climaxing with a huge fight scene at the Eiffel Tower, notably the Jules Verne restaurant. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan escape by grabbing hold of a huge French flag and using it to parachute into the water basin across the bridge. See the clip below.

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