Escaped African Giraffe in Thailand Found Dead

A giraffe from Africa – destined for a breeding centre at Thailand’s biggest safari park – has tragically died after making a desperate bid for freedom.

The 5 to 7 metre high giraffe had escaped shortly after landing at Bangkok’s main airport, along with a smaller giraffe (4 metres)… but authorities were only able to recapture the smaller one, while the other disappeared into the surrounding farm land.

In heartbreaking footage, the wild animal – which was about four-years-old – can be seen trying to run away on a Thai highway. (Watch below.)

The two giraffe were being transported on Tuesday from the airport to Safari World when the escape took place. Apparently the truck was not securely fastened and the giraffe were able to make a break for it when the vehicle slowed down during heavy traffic.

According to Khaosod English, the giraffe was sadly discovered on Thursday afternoon near the highway, drowned in a lotus pond where it was covered by leaves. Veterinarians will determine its cause of death.

The ditch was reportedly near to a hotel and golf club.

Safari World’s CEO said the giraffe was being transported in a convoy of 28 cars and 68 giraffe that had been flown in from Africa. He did not say from which country. (An enquiry by SAPeople has not yet been answered.)

The CEO said this was the first time something like this has happened during his time in the business for over 30 years. He thinks the bolt on the door became unlatched by mistake.

According to the Bangkok Post, wildlife officials confirmed Safari World does have permits for its giraffes.

The Post said drones and hang gliders had been used in the 48-hour search.

WATCH VIDEO Giraffe on the run after escaping from transport truck in Thailand

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Posted by Nuntiya Mahathein on Tuesday, January 28, 2020