Discover an underwater paradise in Maldives

Region: Maldives

Before you wonder what PADI stands for, it is Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Publicly enough, Maldives has become one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations, much of the credit goes to white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters, scuba diving sites and rich marine life.

Known for its exclusive and luxurious holiday resorts, there are a number of liveaboard operators here who offer scuba diving cruise holidays that take guests to many dive sites all over the Maldives. Many scuba divers are keen to dive in the Maldives because of the presence of whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and moray eels, as well as many smaller fish and coral species. There are many atolls where different kind of diving spots are located. Ari Atoll: Located in the western part of the Maldives Islands, the Ari Atoll is one of the largest atolls in the Maldives, and as such is home to a wide selection of dive sites.

Male Atoll: The North Male Atoll and the South Male Atoll are both located on the eastern side of the Maldives. The South Male Atoll is home to a number of tourist resorts and some of the finest scuba diving in the Maldives.

Addu Atoll: It is the only area in the Maldives that was not affected by the 1998 global coral bleaching and extends some of the biggest wreck with big fish all year around.

Next time you visit here, make sure your diving certification gives you an advantage over others. More so,, you underwater excursion would be all the more fabulous in its experience. Ready?