Beyond The Safari: Crazy Things To Do In South Africa – D’Marge

There’s more to South Africa than just hitting up wildlife parks with a busload of balding, retired foreigners and their mistresses.

This country is one of the world’s most vibrant, boasting a plethora of local fauna that could easily rip your face off along with some of the most idyllic natural scenery ever known to man.

Suspended on the world’s biggest rope swing? You can do that in South Africa. Downing a pint in the world’s highest pub? Yep, that’s South Africa too. Visiting local witch doctors for a regular fortune check and hunting down glowing plankton? You get the drift.

Of course South Africa does have some precautionary measures just as any other country does, so it’s important to note that when we say ‘crazy’, we don’t mean venturing into the darkest alleyway you can find to hunt Pokemon.

As much as it is a beautiful country filled with amazing people, it can also be dangerous for unweary tourists. Follow the rules and you shall live another day to experience the once-in-a-lifetime spoils of burgeoning country.

These are the eight craziest things to do in South Africa.

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