Banyuwangi at center of next tourism drive in Europe

Banyuwangi in East Java is known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, plans to promote the city in Belgium as well as other European countries.

Antara news agency reported that officials from the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels had discussed the tourist marketing plans.

“We have heard a lot about Banyuwangi tourism [and] its various festivals.

I realized that [Banyuwangi tourism] has the potential to be promoted in European countries, particularly Belgium,” said Meri Astrid Indriasari, the trade attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels.

Meri added that tourist attractions in Banyuwangi included culture and scenery, making it an attractive destination for European tourists.

Wahidah Maghriby, the agricultural attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, added that European tourists had a penchant for art and culture as well as natural beauty, all of which could be found in Banyuwangi.

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Wahidah also mentioned that the Indonesian Embassy was planning to highlight two attractions of Banyuwangi, namely the traditional Gandrung Dance and the Ijen crater.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose Brussels as the city was considered a strategic marketing place.  

“The city is the center of the European Union [and serves] as a reference for all European countries.

Belgium’s gross domestic product (GDP) is very high, and the economy is very good, making it a good target [market],” said Wahidah.

In addition to its market potential, Belgium frequently hosts the Festival d’Indonesia.

Moreover, the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels also runs House of Indonesia, a permanent display of Indonesian products, including Banyuwangi’s products, such as chocolate, coffee, organic produce and fishery products. (jes/wng)