Amazing photos revealing the bright lights and bustle of life inside Hull fair – one of Europe’s largest

AN AMAZING video shows how an empty car park has been transformed into one of Europe’s largest travelling fairs.

Showmen and women have been flocking to Hull for more than 700 years to create the Hull Fair, and the video gives a glimpse of the action behind the scenes.

Hull becomes home every year to the annual fair, which runs for a week every October. Here, a palmreader poses outside her caravan

It begins with cranes moving into the barren car park before stalls and fairground rides begin to spring up.

Later in the video the fair can be seen in full swing, with hundr of revellers descending on the fair to enjoy the hundr of rides and attractions.

With Hull the national City of Culture for 2017, this year’s fair is busier than ever.

New photos show exactly what goes on beneath the bright lights of the fair, documenting the events from dawn until dusk.

The fair has been a fixture in Hull since 1278, when King Edward I granted six weeks in the summer for the festivities This year, rides include six dodgems, reverse bungee rope rides, the Orbiters and traditional amusement arcades Famous local fish and chip stall, Bob Carver’s, sells the local delicacy of pattie and chips to hungry fairground goers. Over half a million visitors attend the fair throughout its week run

Although the fair is free to enter, with thousands of visitors enjoying the rides and food on offer over the week, it is lucrative for the many stallholders.

In 2017, the fair is a mixture of old traditional attractions, and modern high-tech rides, with over 200 attractions to enjoy.

A stall holder waits for business as the doors open on the annual highlight in Hull’s calendar

Opened every year by the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull, the opening ceremony includes the ceremonial blessing of the ground.

The upbeat fairground fun reached a dramatic standstill yesterday though, when riders on the 56 metres high Power Tower were left stranded high up after the ride broke down.

It is the second time a ride broke down, with customers left frustrated after the Around the World Ride broke down twice on Saturday night.

Workers spent hours transforming the ground into the famous Hull Fair The fair begins to take shape ahead of its annual opening ceremony Hull Fair celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1993