All the London Restaurants Raising Money for Australia Wildfire Relief

The ongoing Australian bushfire crisis has already produced devastation on an inconceivable scale — the sort of damage to communities and ways of life that even the most alarming statistics can never truly capture. A billion animals dead; dozens of human lives lost; hundr of thousands of hectares turned to ash — it’s all too easy to internalise this information and then move on, without giving thought to the people left behind to grieve and rebuild.

London is over 10,000 miles away from New South Wales, but the crisis still hits surprisingly close to home. There is the obvious historical connection between Britain and its former colony, of course — but there is also the fact that many of London’s tastes have been shaped and influenced by Australia, from the chefs who trained there, to the sommeliers who fell in love with its wines, to the hundr of us tucking into flat whites and avocado toast on a weekend.

Expat Australians have formed their own community here, and London’s restaurant scene — particularly in the east of the city — would be poorer without them.

This is London’s opportunity to give something back — to support Australia’s people.

The following list attempts to capture all of the fundraising activity going on in London’s restaurants over the next month or so; it will be updated regularly.

Quality Wines Auction

An auction that will feature some of Australia’s most prized winesQCH Wine [Official Photo]

Who: Gus Gluck, Quality Wines’ resident sommelier par excellence.

What: An auction featuring some of Australia’s most prized wines (many donated by figures in the London restaurant scene), with all proce going to the WIRES Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

When: The auction will run from 10 January to 12p.

m. on 12 January.

How to get involved: Visit this URL. Spend a lot of money.

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