Adelaide Zoo to host The Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference

The Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, the annual conference of Ecotourism Australia will be held on 27-29 November 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia. Organizers announce the programme of the conference.

The 25th anniversary conference will gather key tourism operators, protected area managers, tourism organisations, indigenous bodies and researchers from 20 nations.

A third of the keynote speakers are award-winning ecotourism operators, recognised globally for their excellence and innovation and contributions to ecotourism and sustainability. Another third of keynote speakers are protected area managers from across the globe who have proactively embraced ecotourism as a positive contributor to protected area management.

The conference will be held in Adelaide Zoo, and the subject of wildlife interaction will be a major stream on the first day. The heads of some of Australia’s most iconic zoos and wildlife tours will attend and speak at the conference and take part in an interactive forum.

The role of ecotourism in private conservation parks will be an important stream, along with community based ecotourism and the increasingly debated issue of social license. Case studies from across the Asia-Pacific region will be used to explore these topics and open up discussion.

In an effort to minimise the carbon footprint of the conference, all conference sessions, accommodation and networking events will be held within walking distance of each other. Some of Adelaide‘s finest facilities will be used, including heritage listed buildings, the spectacular Sanctuary Conference Centre at Adelaide Zoo and a welcome event at Government House.

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