Actress Shireen Sungkar promotes Wonderful Indonesia

Actress Shireen Sungkar has agreed to do a co-branding deal with the Wonderful Indonesia tourism brand. She is among the 20 Indonesian celebrities who signed the co-branding agreement with the Tourism Ministry.

“This shows that Wonderful Indonesia brand is getting stronger, especially with the endorsement from celebrities such as Shireen, an idol among the millennial generation and has 9.9 million followers on Instagram,” said tourism minister Arief Yahya.

Shireen captioned one of her Instagram photos, “#pesonaindonesia #wonderfulindonesia Insyallah (God’s willing) we can always collaborate to support Indonesia tourism #teampedagangkue @kemenpar wish us success, Amen.” (

The actress has a cake shop business called Bogor Raincake in Bogor, established in April this year. As a form of participation in promoting local tourism, its website posts promotional videos of tourist destinations in Bogor.

Bogor Raincake offers four types of cakes: Vanilla cheesecake, green tea, Ovaltine cake, red taro cake and crispy chocolate cake. The prices ranges from Rp. 65,000 to Rp. 68,000 ($4.81 – $5.03). (asw)