A Floating Taco And Cocktail Bar Has Opened In The Caribbean

Life doesn’t get much better than being in the warm sea, with the sun beating down on you, a cocktail in your hand and a taco on your plate. Which is why this incredible taco and cocktail bar in the US Virgin Islands looks like paradise.

Named Lime Out VI, the floating bar is newly-opened, and looks absolutely amazing.

Located in Saint John, one of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, the destination couldn’t be more idyllic. Add in a cold mojito and a fresh taco, and you’re winning at life.

The floating taco bar is said to be the Caribbean‘s first. It’s solar-powered, and can only be reached by boat, or by swimming if you’re feeling active. There’s even a swim-up bar.

As we would have hoped considering its location, it’s super eco-friendly, with only recyclable and biodegradable materials used to serve the food, and definitely no straws.

The menu looks unbelievably tasty, with taco options including everything from ceviche and short ribs to green curry chick and fresh tuna. There’s a vegan taco option too, stuffed with goodness including veggies, quinoa salad and guacamole. Mmmm.

The craft cocktails look equally amazing, with options including the Mudda Tucker – a chocolate peanut butter coquito with plenty of rum – and the Flip’s Grapefruit Margarita, which mixes blue agave tequila, fresh grapefruit, fresh lime and syrup. Scrumptious.

You can also buy merchandise from the bar, including hats, T-shirts and gorgeous reusable cups so you can create plastic-free, eco-friendly cocktails once you’re back home to reminisce about your trip.

If you, like us, have already used up all your annual leave and spend your time sadly looking at beaches on Instagram rather than booking trips away, you’ll have to content yourself with following the bar and catching up on its amazing pictures instead.

Featured Image Credit: Lime Out VI/Facebook