8 Things You Can Do On CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s Island

When Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines acquired Admiral Cruise Lines in 1988, something special came with it: the lease to a private island in the Bahamas, CocoCay. If you’ve been on a Caribbean cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship in the past few decades, perhaps you visited CocoCay. Many of the Royal Caribbean ships would anchor near the island and tenders would shuttle passengers to the island for a day of relaxation.

My wife and I visited CocoCay in 2013 to experience just that. We were on a three-day cruise from Miami to Nassau and back, and one of the days was spent on CocoCay. We rented kayaks, paddled out in the ocean, and then relaxed in beach chairs and took a nap.

If we went back now, I’m not sure we’d recognize it. In a good way. Royal Caribbean has spent $200 million upgrading the island over the past few years, adding everything from a waterpark to a hot air balloon ride. Here are eight great things to do on the renovated CocoCay.