2018 will be Russia and China year in tourism – Turkey Telegraph

Turkey will open to Russia and China in tourism next year. The United States and Turkey’s mutual ‘ suspension of visa applications ‘ decision to be made in terms of tourism is eagerly awaited; Turkey has identified new tourism strategies next year.

In October next year, ministry plans to perform second “Turkey Festival” in Russia.

Fair will be organized

Furrmore, world-renowned flute artist Şefika Kutluer will perform a concert accompanied by Russian orchestra.

In March 2018, Ministry will organise a private Turkey fair in Moscow, while exhibition also performs promotional activities with activities such as traditional Turkish music, folk dances, marbling, calligraphy and glass blowing art. According to evening, it is also scheduled to open a photograph exhibition titled ‘ Unknown Turkey ‘, which will show cultural and touristic aspects of Turkey near Red Square in June next year with National Geographic magazine .


Target rich middle class

The ministry is conducting serious promotional activities to open up to far East outside of traditional markets. In China next year, ‘ Turkey year ‘ accepted; The ministry specifically planted his eye on China to attract attention of rich middle class to Turkey.

In this context, Ministry, which will organise approximately 50 cultural events in China in 2018, accelerated its work on India, South Korea and Japan..