Phoenix area man has a post with a purpose


“Help Dave with his Ferrari payment.” It’s not what you expect to see when you log onto GoFundMe but a guy from the Valley posted it online.

He’s software engineer Dave Leone. He likes the finer things in life like his Porsche.

“It’s not too shabby. I love the color blue,” said Leone.

But now he is looking for an upgrade.

“Red. A Ferrari has to be red,” said Leone.

And he wants you to fund it. He’s got a GoFundMe page. The following is just one paragraph of his post.

“With Dave’s lavish lifestyle, travel expenses and the mortgage on his beach front property in Kani, Maldives, it is difficult to make that payment without dipping into his executive savings account.”

Wait a minute. What? Is this guy serious? Is he for real?

“It’s a joke but to also kind of make a serious point. It’s more really a social commentary on what I think is the misuse of GoFundMe nowadays,” said Leone.

Leone thought “Fund my Ferrari” was the best exaggeration of that point he could make. In the post, he took real life and mixed it with his fake life.

“I have owned three Porsche and one Ferrari in the past. I do not own a house on the beach, unfortunately,” said Leone.

What about the pictures with countless celebrities?

“Through the film festivals, we got to meet these people,” said Leone.

People have had a mixed response to his post. Some love it and some hate it. He has a message to those using GoFundMe.

“Defiantly use GoFundMe but use it for the right reasons and if you are going to donate, do your research and make sure you know who and what you are donating to,” said Leone.

So far one person has donated $20. Leone plans to keep the page up and see if people continue to donate. What he plans to do with the donations, he hasn’t quite figured out just yet.

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