9 Things To Know Before Booking A Long Safari

4. Be Honest About Your Travel Preferences

Depending on your budget and travel style, there are many ways to do a safari. Though the driving is always included, the lodging varies.

There are camping safaris, known as “overland” tours and accommodated tours, during which you’ll sleep in a lodge or hotel room. The more expensive the tour, the more luxurious your room. I did a budget accommodated tour. I found the lodges wonderful. They weren’t the Ritz Carlton, but they usually offered a good night’s rest and a decent shower and had mosquito nets.

The camping version is different than glamping (you’ll want to ask your tour company which version it offers). Overland camping safaris typically involve using “bush toilets” (a polite way to say you’ll be digging holes) or d outdoor toilets. Glamping will offer you a bed in a tent and the possibility of a toilet, though it could be outdoors. You should ask whether or not you need to bring your own camping gear.

The type of tour you book will impact your food, which can range from budget to gourmet. On a budget tour, you’ll have some meals on your own account, meaning you have to buy some of them in a supermarket or at a restaurant. No matter which option you choose, expect the crew to be excellent at handling food allergies and dietary restrictions when they cook your meals.